Late-Summer Surge to Send Temps Soaring in Chicago Area

It’s going to be a scorcher in Chicago Thursday but it won’t last long.

In what will likely be the last surge of heat this summer, the area will see temperature highs climbing into the upper-80s and low-90s, with heat index readings in the mid- to upper-90s.

The morning will see scattered showers and storms, mainly north of Interstate 88, as the hot and humid conditions descend.

A few isolated showers and storms will be possible later Thursday, though most areas are expected to remain dry.

By Friday, however, temperature highs drop by roughly 20 degrees, dipping into the low-70s in northwest counties to near 80 degrees in northwest Indiana. Those temperatures will likely drop throughout the day into the 60s and eventually into the 50s by the evening hours.

By the weekend, highs dip into the upper-60s and low-70s.

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