Experts Warn Laptops Could Be Targeted During NATO Summit

Cyberattacks possible, experts warn

NATO protesters could target your laptop or smartphone this weekend, experts warn.

Cyber-security experts believe protesters may use "malware" to target devices downtown. Tom Kellermann, vice president for a cyber-security company in California, told the Chicago Sun-Times social unrest tends to manifest itself in cyberspace.

Some experts also are advising people not to use Wi-Fi, especially in a hotel, to avoid accidentally downloading malware onto a computer. The chief technology officer at SRV Network Inc. in Chicago told the Sun-Times computer users should make sure their anti-virus software is updated.

People also should think twice about posting their location on social media, since cyber stalkers can use that information against you, Kellermann said.

You may also want to back up your files, just in case you fall victim to a cyber attack.

Experts say there could also be problems accessing the Internet downtown. Electrical outages are possible, as well. 

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