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Alley Catty Fight

Kirstie Alley gets into Twitter battle with Chicago blogger



    Alley Catty Fight
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    Chicago guy Jeff Ramone admits that he often uses Twitter to poke fun at celebrities, and he concedes that his first tweets to actress Kirstie Alley were "snarky" -- but the blogger says he was caught off-guard when she took notice and accosted him online.

    Ramone -- The Ungay Guy, according to his Web site -- took on the "Fat Actress" after she tweeted about the Church of Scientology sending doctors and nurses to Haiti:

    "Will they be bringing vitamins & E-meters?  RT @kirstiealley More Dr.s and Nurses being flown in today by Scientology church.this is GREAT NEWS"

    "I hear vitamins & E-meters cure everything. Probably a lot of negative energy that caused all the suffering in Haiti. Or an earthquake"

    A third tweet seemed to really get Alley's attention.  She replied: 

    "how do you know what my views on ANYTHING are? you don’t know me. You’ve never met me or asked me a question."

    "I am opposed to the drugging of children with dangerous drugs.THATS what I’m opposed to and THATS why i rally.Like it or not

    Ramone pressed her a bit more about her Scientology beliefs before Alley unleashed a tweet akin to Gladys Leeman spouting off to the fine folk of beautiful Mount Rose, Minnesota:

    "WOW, you are one BITTER F…go with people like yourself..cynics and well D***S…"

    Ramone posted an open letter to Alley after she ultimately blocked him on the service.  He said he wasn't taken aback by the exchange, but was instead surprised that someone of her celebrity wouldn't have learned "to just shrug off smart-a** comments from the peanut gallery."

    Perhaps Alley saw the open letter.  She was back tweeting to him Monday night: 

      "HEY...why the d**kdom? thought you were not a d*** I wrong?"

    No word on Ramone's next move.