How Money is Being Spent in Closely Watched Kirk-Duckworth Race

Democrat Tammy Duckworth holds a commanding lead in money raised over incumbent Republican Mark Kirk in one of the most closely watched Senate races in the country.

According to federal election reports ending in June, Duckworth had an advantage of more than $2 million dollars.

Their race is one of nine toss-ups analyzed by NBC, which could determine if the Senate remains in the hands of Republicans or flips to Democratic control.

Federal campaign spending documents show Duckworth at of the end of June had $5.5 million dollars in her fund.

Compare that to $3.1 million for Kirk.

But in the last two months more than $1 million in negative advertising has been spent against Duckworth.

The NBC analysis looked at what is called independent expenditures, money raised by interest groups not affiliated with a campaign. More often than not that money is used to bash a candidate’s record.

Since July independent expenditures opposing Duckworth totaled: $1,056,439.

While independent expenditures opposing Kirk total $315,000 since May.

Duckworth trounces Kirk when it comes to independent expenditures supporting her campaign. Just over $640,000 dollars has been spent this year backing her.

Kirk’s total so far this year? Just $1,100.

Mark Kirk won election to the Senate in 2010, after serving the 10th District in Congress for 10 years.

Tammy Duckworth, meanwhile, is finishing a second term as the representative from the 8th District.

Their race has captured national attention: Kirk the moderate who rebounded after a stroke; Duckworth, the wounded war veteran and double amputee.

In terms of individual out-of-state donations, Duckworth holds a small advantage with $2.8 million raised as opposed to Kirk’s $2.1 million.

With no recent polls, Duckworth is the presumed leader in a blue state with native daughter Hillary Clinton on the ticket. But Kirk can find solace in contributions that may mean the most on Election Day: in-state donors.

Duckworth has received $4,922 to Kirk’s $4,403 with just $15,000 separating the two.

The figures were compiled by the NBC-owned television stations data editor who found from January through August 184 Super PACS nationally spent over $400 million.

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