Just One Drink: Cee Lo's Sake

Music superstar discusses promoting liquor brand, The VOICE and his musical future

Fans usually view celebrity endorsements with a healthy dose of skepticism. Does anyone really believe David Beckham actually eats at Burger King?

Which was one of the questions we wanted to ask music superstar Cee Lo Green when he rolled through Chicago on a junket for Ty-Ku Sake, a spirits brand he's been involved in for about a year.

And if actual consumption was a guide, there's no doubt Green genuinely likes the stuff, sipping from his glass numerous times during our Just One Drink interview at Sunda restaurant.

Sake brands are trying to gain a foothold in the competitive liquor industry, and Green has been hawking several Ty-Ku flavors, including a citrus blend with a neon bottle and a lower-calorie version -- something he freely admits he may not be the best poster child for.

Either way, he's keeping busy, discussing his role in the upcoming season of "The Voice," why it's been making inroads in American Idol's dominance, and his own musical future which involves reuniting with the Goodie Mob and of all things, a planned Las Vegas show.

Looks like he'll have plenty of opportunities to toast his success -- with sake of course.

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