Judge Who Sentenced Escapee Gets Extra Security

Joseph Banks, Kenneth Conley escaped from the MCC this week

The judge who sentenced one of the men who escaped from the Metropolitan Correctional Center earlier this week has been given extra security.

Joseph Banks, known by authorities as the "Second Hand Bandit," reportedly threatened Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer last week during sentencing, saying "you'll hear from me!"

Investigators said they're taking the threat seriously.

Banks and another man, Kenneth Conley, were last seen during a head count of prisoners at 10 p.m. Monday. FBI officials said surveillance video showed them getting into a cab on Michigan Avenue nearly five hours later.

The men apparently fashioned a rope out of bedsheets and other materials, got out of a window, and scaled the building.

Federal arrest warrants were issued Tuesday and a $50,000 reward offered Wednesday for information that leads to their arrest.


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