Injury Could Limit Noah in All-Star Game

Joakim Noah could wind up as an observer in his first ASG appearance as he deals with plantar fasciitis in his right foot

Joakim Noah’s issues with plantar fasciitis have been well documented. There was that time a few years ago when he sat out 10 straight games with the Bulls right in the thick of the playoff race.

Now the issue is back, only this time, it threatens to put a damper on the biggest individual achievement in Joakim’s professional career to date, and that’s being selected to play in this weekend’s All-Star Game.

"It's pretty important. It's not that important, but it's something that I want to do,” said Noah on playing in the All-Star Game after the Chicago Bulls practiced at the Berto Center on Sunday. “But I also have to do what's right for the team. There's obviously a bigger picture than playing in the All-Star Game."

Noah has always put the team's goals before his individual goals and while he is planning on being in Houston to take part in the festivities, his participation in the game could be limited. The plantar fasciitis isn’t something that’s going to quickly heal, and the remainder of the Bulls season far outweighs a one-game exhibition that doesn’t count beyond entertainment value.

“I just want him to take care of himself, get ready for San Antonio,” Tom Thibodeau said when asked about Noah’s limited participation in the ASG. “It's a valid question. We'll see where he is after these next two games.”

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