Jackson Jr. Renews Push to Question Former Police Superintendent in Divorce Case

Former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has renewed efforts to take statements from former Chicago Police Superintendant Garry McCarthy, as part of his ongoing divorce case against estranged wife and former alderman Sandi Jackson.

The former congressman’s lawyers filed the subpoena request in Washington D.C. Named in separate motions, were former Chicago Police officer James Love, and McCarthy friend and business associate Richard Simon.

Jackson had made a previous attempt to question the three here in Cook County divorce court, suggesting they might have information, documents, and even photos detailing previous relations they might have had with Mrs. Jackson. But those efforts were put on hold, and Jackson terminated his divorce proceeding here in Chicago, saying he preferred proceeding only in court in Washington.

Previously, Jackson’s attorney Brendan Hammer obliquely alleged that Sandi Jackson had committed certain unspecified “acts” in Illinois that had led to the couple’s troubles. The Cook County subpoenas had asked the three men to provide copies of any films, videos, or photos “that you received from Sandi, that you sent to Sandi, or that reflect you and Sandi together.” The documents also demanded records of any trips they took together.

At the time, Sandi Jackson accused her estranged husband of a “fishing expedition” which constituted harassment. Simon told NBC 5 that he had met the former alderman on only two occasions, which were social events with more than one hundred people present.

“I have not communicated with her directly or indirectly, or with Ms. Jackson by telephone or by any electronic means ever,” Simon said at the time. “There are no gifts, funds, or anything else of value given to Ms. Jackson by me for any reason, nor have I done so for another.”

On Wednesday, shortly after the latest subpoena efforts were revealed, McCarthy’s attorney said he would cooperate with anything the court deemed appropriate.

“Today is the first time we are hearing that Mr. Jackson has renewed his request to take Mr. McCarthy’s deposition, this time in his Washington D.C. divorce case,” attorney Morgan Stogsdill said in a statement. “While Mr. McCarthy has absolutely no relevance in the proceeding, he will of course submit himself to any deposition ordered by the court.”

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