Police Testify at Hudson Trial About Finding Gun

911 calls made by Julia Hudson, heard by jurors last week, released to the media

Members of the Chicago Police Department on Monday offered more testimony at the trial of the man accused of killing members of actress Jennifer's Hudson family.

Officer Terrence Fowler testified that he was searching the blocks around the crime scene when he found a gun. Fowler was one of dozens of Chicago Police Academy recruits asked to help after the bodies of Hudson's mother, brother and later, nephew, were found.

Fowler said he swept his baton through high weeds when he hear a clink and found the gun.

Chicago police detectives also testified about finding the body of Hudson's 7-year-old nephew in a white SUV about a block north of where Fowler found the weapon.

William Balfour has pleaded not guilty in the 2008 killings.

"It's important. You know, there's no direct evidence. There's circumstantial evidence. There's the threats that came in earlier. This is all the things that prosecutors have to build their case on," law professor Richard Kling said Monday.

The biggest development in the case Monday was the release of 911 calls Hudson's sister, Julia Hudson, made after discovering her slain family members. Jurors heard those calls last week.

The most damaging testimony against Balfour came last week Friday, when a mistress of his told jurors that Balfour confessed to two of the slayings.

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