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‘I'm in Disbelief:' Man Recounts Moment Carjackers Opened Fire, Riddling His Car With Bullets

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A father of three is lucky to be alive after what he describes as a failed carjacking that left him running for his life, and his car riddled with bullets, over the weekend.

The man, identified only as Mohammed for fear that his attackers are still on the loose, had parked his car in the 6200 block of North Claremont at approximately 8:30 p.m. Saturday. After running into the house, he came back out, and that’s when he says he saw a man watching him.

 “As I unlocked my car, I was crossing the road and there was a car sitting over there,” he says. “The guy came out of that car and started shooting in my direction. They were watching me to get my car.”

Mohammed says that one of the three men that he believes were involved in the incident began firing at him. None of the bullets hit him, but more than a dozen ripped into his vehicle.

The man managed to run back into his house, where he called police. A surveillance camera inside of his home captured the horrifying sounds of gunfire as he ran into the home.

“I was thinking about my family, and my life,” he says.

Now, Mohammed is not only hoping that police can capture the suspects in his case, but that the city will consider installing more video cameras in his West Ridge neighborhood in an effort to prevent an act of violence like this from happening to someone else.

“Right now, I’m in disbelief that it happened in this neighborhood,” he said. “I really would like to stay longer in this city. Unfortunately, crime is increasing day by day.”

No arrests have been made in the case, and the investigation remains ongoing.

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