‘I Thought He Was Dead': Tree Crashes Into Man's Car During High Chicago Winds

A man who was in a car crushed by a falling tree during Chicago's recent intense wind was released from the hospital Tuesday night after the "very scary" incident.

"I heard it--next thing I know, (the) roof of the car was caved down on me. It was scary. Very scary," Edward Hicks told NBC 5.

Hicks is released from Loretto Hospital in Chicago after what some might call a miraculous survival. Strong winds sent a large tree toppling onto the car he was in.

Edward’s cousin and friend pulled the Bridgeview man out of the car window to safety late Tuesday morning near Kilpatrick and Washington.

"I thought he was dead," said cousin Herbie Harris. "I looked at the tree laying on the car and thought he was dead."

His cousin says workers at the same location last week should have done more with this and other trees in the area.

"They were here cutting limbs last weeks if they worked for forestry they should know to cut those trees down," Harris said.

Hicks has minor injuries.

"I was a little woozy," Hicks said. "After that, just thankful," adding that his neck and back are sore.

As for the car? It's still driveable--just needs a little tape on the windows.

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