He Once Was Muscle for the Mob; Now, He's Getting Out of Prison Early

A “300-pound muscle guy” who helped reputed mobsters shake down delinquent debtors before turning on them and cooperating with the feds is getting out of prison early, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang granted a request by prosecutors Tuesday to reduce the sentence of George Brown. Last year, Chang gave Brown two years in prison based on his substantial cooperation with the government. Brown began serving his time last September.

Since his sentencing, prosecutors say Brown has cooperated even further. However, they have only described that cooperation in a sealed document filed with the court last week. And as a court hearing to consider their request began early Tuesday, the judge said he would keep the proceedings public “as long as we’re clever about it.”

Then, noting only that prosecutors had identified an “important reason,” Chang reduced Brown’s sentence to time served and ordered Brown released from the Bureau of Prisons.

Brown was known for his large frame and mixed-martial arts skills, once testifying he could “kick at six-feet-six” even after shoulder troubles left him unable to raise his arms above his head. One debtor wet his pants at the sight of him. 

But Brown let the FBI listen in on his phone calls for nearly two years, wearing a wire in meetings with mob boss Paul Carparelli and other members of his crew. Among the memorable quotes Brown captured from the foul-mouthed Carparelli was his prophetic declaration that, “as long as you don’t steal from me, f— my wife or rat on me, you’re my friend 1,000 percent.”

U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman sentenced Carparelli last year to three and a half years in prison. Several of Brown’s other associates also received prison time, including Robert McManus, Michael “Mickey” Davis, Mark Dziuban, Frank Orlando, Vito Iozzo and James Amabile.

When he was sentenced, Brown told the judge that, “I’m a marked man. I have a target on my back. We can all agree that we’re dealing with people who have the means, the money and the time to retaliate.”

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