Groupon Watch: New Resto Biz, Age-Old Debate

groupon 0621

Groupon has a lot of competitors, but a new name has broken into its hometown, with an advantage: Blackboard Eats does not collect any money from its customers.

Chicago is the fourth city for the company’s launch. Also, a few offer differing opinions on whether the Groupon daily deal model benefits its customers – a debate that’s probably going to persist for a long, long time. Read on: 

  • BusinessWeek says daily deals are a definite win for customers. (BusinessWeek). 
  • …but not everyone agrees with that take on the business. (Fox News). 
  • The media can't seem to fully dissect Groupon: Time Magazine points out flaws too. (Time Magazine). 
  • Not that Groupon is hurting in our city, or anywhere, but a dining deal site has emerged in the Chicago scene. (Chicago Tribune).

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