Green Buses, Less Gas Glugs

CTA announces the arrival of hybrid buses

Getty Images

CTA buses may be red, white and blue, but by introducing a hybrid version of the buses to Chicago, the transit service is trying to think green.

President of the Chicago Transit Authority Richard L. Rodriguez introduced the first, 60-foot, stimulus-funded hybrid bus at a news conference with CTA officials Monday.

“Hybrid buses are quieter, cleaner and run more smoothly than conventional systems and new buses help to improve the reliability of CTA bus service for customers,” a CTA press release said.

The New Flyer Articulated Hybrid Bus was purchased with federal stimulus funds and will get 3.45 miles to the gallon.  The current CTA fleet of 40-foot buses gets between 3.17 and 3.63 mpg. 

As well as higher fuel efficiency, the buses also have reduced emission and additional green features.

The hybrid buses are expected to save $60,000 per bus. The CTA expects maintenance, part and labor costs to decrease by $7 million compared to the current buses the CTA Tattler reports.

The gas on on these buses will still go glug glug glug, but at a much slower rate. And we're not going to wah wah wah over that.

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