Grandfather Surprised by Charge After Buying Six Flags Membership

A suburban grandfather who bought his wife, daughters and grandchildren member access to Six Flags Great America as a holiday gift in 2014 said he was surprised to still be paying the theme park a year and a half later.

Michael Feder, 64, told NBC 5 Responds that he was under the impression his purchase only covered the 2015 season.

“My intention was to buy a season pass to see how we liked it,” Feder said.

But he noticed Six Flags charging his credit card again this April.

“I went to the website and I cancelled and then when I saw the charge appear again on my credit card the following my month, I called Six Flags,” Feder said.

He said that’s when he realized that when he made the original purchase in late 2014, he had signed up for an ongoing membership instead of a season pass.

According to the Six Flags membership cancellation policy, which is posted online and on order confirmations, customers may cancel any time after their first twelve months. And customers must submit their cancellation request at least two weeks prior to their final desired payment. 

While Feder gave his cancellation notice in May, he was told that he would be still be required to make two additional payments before his cancellation took effect.

“I’m just shocked and astounded this is their policy,” Feder said. “It’s not a season pass you’re buying, you’re buying a lifetime pass.”

Feder said the park should have given him notice that his membership was continuing for the 2016 season.

“I have other memberships to other clubs, other facilities, I always get notified,” Feder said.

Meantime, Feder said his daughter had purchased her own passes for the 2016 season. That meant several of his family members had duplicate passes. 

NBC 5 Responds contacted Six Flags regarding the duplicate passes. The park soon issued Feder a credit for the payment overlap. And the park also cancelled Feder’s membership.

Feder said he will not be required to make the last two payments, afterall.

A spokesperson for Six Flags said the park would have issued a credit to any guest who brought an overlap to their attention. 

Feder said he urges all consumers to take note of cancellation policies and to always read the fine print.

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