Glenview Subdivision Postpones Removing Beavers From Pond Ahead of Protest

The homeowners association at a suburban Glenview subdivision postponed "any planned action" regarding the removal of beavers from a retention pond in the hours ahead of a Sunday protest regarding their potential plans.

Residents of the Concord at the Glen and other local community members have voiced concern about the unknown fate of the beavers, which they fear could be trapped and killed by the HOA.

Multiple trees surrounding the retention pond were apparently damaged by the beavers, prompting the HOA to begin exploring options for removing the pair of animals from the pond, according to neighbors.

On Sunday afternoon, dozens of residents gathered for the "Rally Against Killing Beavers in Underwater Traps" where they called for a humane solution that would eventually push the beavers to leave the area.

"There are ways to protect trees and wrap trees so the beavers don't eat them," said resident Rachel Siegel. "If they trap and kill this pair of beavers, probably other beavers are going to move in, and they're going to have to continue this cycle of killing wildlife."

It's unclear what methods would be used if the HOA were to move forward with removing the animals, but employing underwater cages, in which the beavers would drown, appear to be an option.

"If human beings are going to create these beautiful, 'natural,' landscapes, we should expect nature to move in," Siegel said. "I just don't think this is right."

The HOA manager said in a statement that the association and its board are continuing their due diligence in the matter, and a final decision will be made "after thorough research and careful consideration."

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