Back Off Girl or You'll Get Sued

A man sues after claiming sexually harassment by his female boss

That dominating and flirtatious female boss that stars in pre-pubescent fantasies has come to life in Northbrook. But fantasy is not reality, and in real life this boss got hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit.

William Lott of Palatine filed a complaint against his female boss on Wednesday in the Circuit Court of Cook County, claiming he was subject to inappropriate comments, innuendos, date requests, touching and other inappropriate behavior at his job, Chicago Breaking News Center reports.

Lott, who is described in the complaint as “an African American male,” says his supervisor at Kenny Construction Company in Northbrook, “Caucasian female” Laura Manaugh, continually stared at Lott’s body in a provocative way, inquired about his dating life and discussed her husband’s sexual prowess with Lott.

Manaugh did not subject a similarly situated Caucasian female employee at Kenny to the same comments or actions.

Lott claims in the complaint that he was denied training opportunities and promotions after turning down Manaugh’s advances. In one instance Manaugh locked Lott out of the computer system that Lott needed to access in order to successfully do his job.

Lott was eventually told that his job had been “eliminated,” and was subsequently terminated.

Lott is suing his employer for sexual harassment, race discrimination, retaliation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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