Girl Meets 911 Dispatcher Who Helped Her Mom

Livia Jensen called 911 Sunday after her mom fell to floor

A 4-year-old Aurora girl who called 911 after her mother became ill met the dispatcher Wednesday on the other end of the line. 

Police said Livia Jensen reached for the phone Sunday when her physically disabled mother, Diana, contracted a severe migraine that left her unable to move or speak. Livia told 24-year veteran dispatcher Jill Schmidt that her mom was on the floor and couldn’t move.

Schmidt said Livia clearly communicated the problem without panicking and handled the call “better than 90 percent of the adults who call 911.” 

"To be able to talk to somebody as exceptional as Livia, and how well she did, it reminds me of why I like to do the job," said Schmidt.

Aurora Police and Fire Department Paramedics were dispatched and crews treated the girl's mom.
Mother and daughter met Schmidt Wednesday afternoon at their home.

Audio: Girl's 911 Call
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