Gas Prices Soar … Again

Chicago gas prices topple the national average

gas prices 23

The Second City snagged second billing once again on Monday. This time it's for gas prices.

Thanks to a 20-cent surge in the past three weeks, the latest Lundberg Survey ranked Chicago gas prices No. 2 in the nation for its $4.11 average. The national average is $3.76.

The costly price tag at the pump reflects a 30-month Chicago high. A station at North and Elston displayed $4.55 a gallon Monday morning, and one motorist told NBC Chicago it took $100 to fill his tank.

Chicago's no stranger to the rising cost of gas. As unrest escalated in Libya, gas at several stations topped the $4 mark in early March. The area saw an 11 percent average hike last month from $3.346 to $3.716 for regular gas, according to AAA.

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And prices keep inching higher.

By the time summer rolls around, $5 a gallon might not be unheard of.

Numbers like that put fuel costs on every driver's mind these days. President Barack Obama was scheduled to visit Indiana last week to talk energy and rising oil prices but postponed the trip during budget talks in the face of a government shutdown.

Among the stations with lowest city prices is BP at 3803 W. Roosevelt Rd., advertising $4.08 Monday morning, according to the


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