Students Blogged Inauguration

Twenty-four student from Chicago’s Frazier Prep Academy were selected to attend the inauguration in Washington D.C., thanks to generous grants from the McCormick Foundation and the Best Portion Foundation.

School Principal LaKita D. Little said “a requirement of the grant means our kids must blog online.” Her students were armed with new laptops, cameras, and a site online to post visuals and essays.

The group was dubbed the DC24.  The words and video of the 10-year-old reporters are now posted at

Frazier Preparatory School, at 4027 W. Grenshaw, is where teacher Camia H. Hoard got her students ready before hitting the road last week.  Months before the actual trip she spent many classroom hours going over the fundamentals of how to use and video camera and write about your experiences. 

“My students quickly caught on how to use Flip cameras,”  she said.  “We did the interviews and simply plugged the cameras directly into our new computers."

Hoard, like President Barack Obama, is a graduate of Harvard University.  When the students were asked who is the smartest between Hoard and the president, they shouted the word “equal.”

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