See It: Gator Robb Nearly Unrecognizable Without His Beard

According to Robb, the beard is a family tradition

With a bushy beard and lanky figure, Chicago's beloved gator expert might seem hard to miss. 

But take away the facial hair and what do you have? The Frank "Gator" Robb no one can recognize. 

According to Robb, the beard is a family tradition. 

"Robbs have beards," Robb recalls his uncle telling him.

But still, the occassional shave isn't out of the ordinary for the man who gained instant stardom when he captured Chance the Snapper in Chicago's Humboldt Park Lagoon

"You see those commercials where people grow beards in like two minutes? Yeah, that’s pretty much me," he told NBC 5 in a recent interview. "I can shave this off and have it back in like three days." 

frank robb beard and no beard

Robb said he hasn't had his current beard for very long, even offering up video footage showing him shaving the beard in exchange for a wildly unexpected mustached look. 

"I shave it quite a bit and my uncle always gets mad at me," Robb said. 

Robb's Chicago popularity skyrocketed when he arrived and caught an elusive alligator that took up residence in a city lagoon. He went on to throw the first pitch at a Cubs game and even got his own bobblehead

His name returned to headlines over the weekend after a man claimed he caught another alligator in the Humboldt Park Lagoon, though Chicago police remain suspicious after conflicting statements were given at the scene.

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