Owners Knocked Out After Stolen Car Crashes into Food Truck

After car crashed into their food truck and knocked them unconscious Saturday night, a family is thankful for the assistance of neighbors and customers.

Jaime Banuelo says the back of his food truck was smashed into a twisted mess after the accident. Inside was a chaotic scene of supplies and equipment scattered about. Luckily the propane tank didn’t take a direct hit, he says.

“I was in the back of the truck, two feet away from the door, that’s when the accident happened,” he said.

The cause of the damage was captured by surveillance cameras. Footage shows Jaime and his wife Maricela parked in their usual spot outside the Continental Lounge when a stolen car crashes into their vehicle.

Customers and employees at the bar ran outside to help catch the driver, 25-year-old Marcus Cammon, and the others ran over to help the couple. The Banuelo’s three children saw the chaos unfold and were scared, the couple says.

Cammon was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, unauthorized use of a weapon and driving having never been issued a license. Police say common had a crossbow with arrows in the vehicle.

Jaime says he is waiting for his insurance to process his claim but is thankful he and his wife are alive—and grateful to friends and family for the help.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family's business recover.

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