5 Things You Didn't Know About New Bear Brandon Marshall

Much to the joy of Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall is the newest Bear. Since he has only played in the AFC, Chicagoans may not know all of the quirks, ups and downs of the Pro Bowl receiver. Here are five things you did not know about Marshall:

1. When in college at University of Central Florida, he alternated between wide receiver and safety because the Golden Knights suffered so many injuries.

2. As a Bronco, he injured his arm in the off-season. At first, he said he put his arm through a television after he slipped on a McDonald's wrapper. Later, he admitted that while he did put his arm through a TV, he did it while wrestling family members. 

3. He was recently diagnosed with borderline-personality disorder, a mental illness characterized with self-hate and impulse control. Marshall is open about his diagnosis and is the subject of a documentary focusing on BPD. He said he wants to be the face of BPD.

4. After being present the night fellow Bronco Darrent Williams was shot to death, Marshall testified against the shooter. He said he still remembers seeing former teammate Javon Walker wearing a shirt stained with Williams' blood and clutching Williams' necklace.

5. His nickname is "The Beast" because of how aggressively he plays. Brandon Flowers, who covered Marshall on several occasions, said that Marshall is a defensive end playing wide receiver. He punishes opponents for wanting to bring him down.

He also changed his Twitter handle to @BMarshall not long after the trade was announced. Follow him there, and not at his previous handle.

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