Michelle Obama: The President Was ‘a Bum' When We Were Younger

Michelle Obama says her husband did not take school seriously until college

First Lady Michelle Obama is giving President Obama a failing grade for his performance in school before he "got his act together." 

Mrs. Obama appeared on "The Real" daytime talk show Tuesday at the White House to discuss her "Better Make Room" initiative. 

"Better Make Room" aims to inspire young students to take charge of their future by continuing their education past high school. The First Lady hopes to start the conversation with young people ages 14 to 19 to reach students who are navigating the option of going to college.

"The Real" hosts asked the graduate of one of Chicago’s most competitive schools, Whitney Young Magnet High School, who got better grades in high school – her or the president.

Flotus did not mince her words about Potus.

“He will [even] say, it’s not even close,” she said. “Barack fooled around in high school. He's said it. He didn’t take school seriously in high school. He barely got his work done. He was a bum.”

However, Mrs. Obama praised her Ivy League-educated husband for eventually getting serious about his education.

“It took him a second because he had to grow up a little bit,” Mrs. Obama said. “It wasn’t until his second year he transferred from Occidental [in California] to Columbia [University] when he was like, 'I got to make something of my life. I got to get it together.'"

The First Lady explained in the interview her husband at the time had to "figure himself out as a man" after growing up without a father.

"It's never too late," she said to the hosts. "The president of the United States screwed around in high school. And he still got his act together. He did okay."

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