‘Ferris Fest' to Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Film

Guests can visit a “meticulously immersive” re-creation of Ferris' bedroom which will be open during the entire festival

Instead of just one fun-filled day of visiting some of Chicago’s most famous landmarks, Ferris Bueller fans can enjoy a whole weekend celebrating America’s favorite absentee.

Organizers of Ferris Fest have planned three days of events May 20-22 to honor the 30th anniversary of the film, according to the festival’s website. Activities include a screening of "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off" at the John and Nancy Hughes Theater in north suburban Lake Forest, Q&A sessions with some of the movie’s stars, and a filming location tour.

Guests will make several stops along Ferris’ wild adventure with Sloan and Cameron, including the Art Institute, Cam’s house, and Wrigley Field to visit the exact seats where the trio sat during the game, according to the event’s website. To wrap up the weekend, there will be a live re-creation of the epic “Twist and Shout” parade.

Participants will also get to see where it all began, Ferris’ room. For $10, guests can visit a “meticulously immersive” re-creation of the bedroom which will be open during the entire festival, according to Ferris Fest’s website.

Ferris Fest offers full three day packages for $300. Individual tickets cost $10 for Friday’s events which does not include the filming locations tour, and $175 each for Saturday and Sunday’s festivities.

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