Police Called Back to Fenger

Cafeteria disturbance required police involvement

At least a dozen fights broke out at Fenger High School today, ten of them in the cafeteria alone.

Although there were no reports of injuries, police arrested four students for reckless conduct and one with aggravated assault.

Police confirmed that there was a call about a disturbance in the school's cafeteria.

Fenger Achievement Academy High School is the school that honor roll student Derrion Albert attended when was fatally beaten in a melee outside a community center last month.

Video of the attack was shown on television and posted to the Internet, prompting President Barack Obama to send Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder to Chicago for a meeting with city and community officials to discuss youth violence.

After three weeks in police custody, first-degree murder charges were dropped Monday against 18-year-old Eugene Bailey.  Bailey said he'd gone in to talk to police about how he could assist investigators when he was arrested in a case of mistaken identity.

His defiant mother immediately took issue with the arrest.

"He wasn't no where around there on the premises or none of that.  (Derrion) was his friend," Ava Greyer said after her son was arrested.

With the charges dropped, Greyer said she wants a "national apology" and her sons out of Fenger.

"I want them to help me figure out what what are we going to do about my baby's schooling," she said Monday.  "Because his life is not going to be the same at Fenger High School anymore."

Three people accused of taking part in the attack on Albert remain in custody. Police said they're seeking three more.

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