Faulk Misses the Mark on Martz

Marshall Faulk has good reason to defend Mike Martz. After all, it was Martz's offense in St. Louis that gave Faulk the room to run to a Super Bowl ring and a bust in the Hall of Fame.

The relationship between those two men led Faulk to stand up for his old coach over Martz's tenure in Chicago.

"Listen man, I'm going to say this and whoever plays for the Bears, if they want to have a conversation with me, so be it: Martz was working with lesser talent than he was accustomed to working with," Faulk said on Tuesday during Super Bowl media day.

See, but that's the problem, Marshall! Your good friend Mike was so tied to the system that it didn't matter what his players were capable of. His inflexibility led to an offense that wasted his players' talents.

Instead of surveying his talent and building an offense to suit it, he shoved his system down the Bears throats, no matter the cost.

That's not a coach; that's a choreographer. Faulk isn't wrong to say that the Bears didn't provide the right talent for Martz's system, but he could try to be unbiased and say something about Martz's rigidity hurting the Bears, too.

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