She Just Wanted to Slip-N-Slide at Wrigley

Woman tackled before sliding across wet Wrigley rain tarp

Fans at Wrigley Field were killing time during a rain delay Wednesday night when one of the "die-hards" -- who was admittedly "a little inebriated" -- decided that the rain-drenched tarp would make a good sliding surface.

Reverting to childhood memories of playing with a "Slip-n-Slide," 21-year-old Jennifer Moran, a college student from Kenosha, Wis., jumped onto the field and headed towards the tarp. 

It was then that the fan's fantasy was crushed. A grounds crew member tackled her and pinned her to the grass before her feet even hit the plastic sheeting, the Sun-Times reported.

Then Moran was arrested and cited for misdemeanor trespassing.

"I didn't mean any harm by it," she said Thursday. The harm, apparently, was to her more than anyone. She told the paper that she was a bit sore from the altercation on the field.

When asked by police if her days of attending Cubs games were over, Moran responded, "Are you kidding? I'm a die-hard." 

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