Family Claims Police Beat Autistic Boy

Eight stitches required in boy's head

A 16-year-old autistic boy is back at work at his family's Pilsen restaurant Thursday after Chicago police beat the boy without provocation late Wednesday, his family said.

Oscar Guzman was taking a break outside his family's restaurant, watching cars on West 26th Street, at about 10 p.m., when two police officers approached. They began asking the boy questions he was unable to answer, and when the boy turned to run back into the restaurant, the cops pulled out their billy clubs and began beating him, the family said.

"They took out their little bats and they hit him. They opened his skull," said Oscar's sister.

Nubia Guzman, who called police to ask for a supervisor at the scene of the beating, said she was able to record some of the incident with a cell phone camera.

"Police officers saw he was running toward us," Nubia said.

The boy received eight stitches in his head.

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