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Fake CDC Vaccine ID Cards Being Sold Online In Illinois

They look identical to the cards you get after vaccination, but could land you in hot water with authorities.

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Scammers are cashing in on fake CDC vaccination identification cards as the demand for proof of vaccination is expected to build.

The blank cards are being sold on sites like Craigslist, eBay, and OfferUp, and NBC 5 has found multiple postings in the Chicago area.

Chad Anderson, a senior security researcher for Domaintools, a group tracking cyber threats around the world, is one of the first to publish his findings.

“It seems that they’re printed on very similar card stock [with] near identical font,” said Anderson. “They’re being sold under the guise of novelty cards.”

Some of the cards are being sold for up to $200.

Demand for them could rise as the economy reopens over the coming months.

“As we shift into requiring COVID vaccination proof to participate in the reopening of society, I think we’re going to have a lot more people using these fraudulent cards,” said Anderson. “With something as capturing as coronavirus, which coats the entire world, everyone is thinking about it at all times. It’s the most obvious lure for criminals.”

Steve Bernas, the president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago says these crimes are some of the worst he’s seen in his 33-year career.

These fraudulent cards could create a security breach at airports.

“If you want to try to get on an airplane and you feel everyone is vaccinated and this person isn’t vaccinated; carrying around a fake card, it’s not good for America or anyone,” said Bernas.

Bernas adds that anyone who sees these postings should report them using the “Scam Tracker” with the BBB.

Those who purchase and use these cards could theoretically face hefty fines because using fake government identification is a crime.

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