Ex-Orland Park Teacher Accused of Sex Crime

A former gym teacher at an Orland Park grade school district is accused of having sex with a former student, police said. The allegation comes just days after sexual abuse claims against a junior high school teacher and basketball coach from the same district.

Twenty-eight-year-old Jeffrey Morowczynski, of Orland Park, was charged with two felony counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, police said.

Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Kocim said Morowczynski was a substitute teacher at a school in Orland School District 135, but he was not serving in those roles at the time the alleged incidents took place, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The Tribune reports police responded to a 911 call last August reporting two people having sex in a vehicle and officers found Morowczynski and a 14-year-old girl in the vehicle.

Orland Park police said they responded to the scene but did not have probable cause to make an arrest at the time.

The victim later reported an earlier incident after her graduation from the district, officials said.

Morowczynski's attorney, George Becker, declined to comment to the Tribune on the allegations, saying he had only recently learned of the charges.

According to the district’s school board meeting minutes, Morowczynski was hired as a P.E. teacher at High Point School in June 2014, but school officials say he was hired full-time on Aug. 11.

A police investigation began Aug. 28 and the district removed Morowczynski from the school that same day, according to Community Relations Coordinator Tracy Marc. Morowczynski officially resigned Sept. 5, Marc said.

The school said Morowczynski was a substitute teacher in the district prior to being hired and he did not have a formal position as a basketball coach within the district.

Orland School District 135 Superintendent Janet Stutz said in a statement that the Board of Education and Administration have an "absolute 'no tolerance' policy toward any individual whose actions in anyway, [sic] betray parents' expecatations and confidence."

"We not only share a deep, passionate commitment in providing the best education possible for every student, but also a shared promise and obligation to ensure that their learning always takes place in a safe, secure environment – always. I believe I can speak for every member of our District 135 family when I say that words cannot begin to express the combination of concern, trouble and frankly anger we feel, when someone violates that special responsibility and trust," the statement read. "We will always move swiftly and decisively – as we did in this case – in working with the Orland Park Police Department in taking whatever action is required to protect every child."

Last week, junior high school teacher Cara Labus, 30, was accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old and 16-year-old over the course of two years, according to Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

Morowczynski's next court date is reportedly set for Feb. 26 at the Bridgeview courthouse. Police said they do not believe there are any other victims in the case.

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