Residents Being Urged to Evacuate as Broken Ice Jams Lead to Flooding in Will County

Residents in the Phelan Acres subdivision in Wilmington are being encouraged to evacuate as floodwaters rise

Authorities are urging residents in a suburban subdivision near the Kankakee River to evacuate as ice jams are breaking up, causing rapidly rising water to flood into the area. 

According to the Will County Sheriff’s Department, residents in Phelan Acres, a neighborhood located in suburban Wilmington, are being asked to leave their homes until rising floodwaters and chunks of ice move through the area.

Several ice jams along the Kankakee River, which had caused flooding concerns in several communities, are beginning to break up, causing water levels to rise rapidly in areas near the river.

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Residents are being told that they should expect to be out of their homes for several days as the water rises and recedes rapidly.

In addition to Phelan Acres, several roads are closed, including the intersections of Cottage and Lorenzo, Will and Willow, Blodgett and Kelly, Will and Lorenzo, and Will and Cottage.

The Sheriff’s Office has set up a hotline for residents who are looking for new information. Residents can call 815-724-1617, or can visit the county’s website for more information.

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