Emanuel’s Secret Service Code Name Was Blackhawk

You can say plenty about Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, but don't call him a Blackhawks bandwagon fan.    

Emanuel has Blackhawks history at the highest levels of goverment. 

“When I was in the White House, you get a Secret Service code name, my Secret Service code name was Blackhawk," Emanuel told NBC Chicago Wednesday. "I have an affinity, not just as the mayor of Chicago, I really want to see this happen.”   

This past Saturday, Emanuel was seen banging on the glass at the overtime win with the LA Kings. 

He will be there Wednesday as well.   

As political-sports tradition dictates, there’s also a friendly wager on the line with Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino.    

As Menino sees it, Chicago is “not accustomed to making these wagers very often.”

Should Boston lose the Stanley Cup, Menino is offering “the best of Boston’s Local Foods, Huntington Theatre tickets, and access to the city of Boston’s website for one day touting Chicago with a promotional video."

However, Menino warned Emanuel: "no profanities, please."   

Both also plan to plant a tree in a city schoolyard.  

Emanuel is offering Manny’s corned beef sandwiches along with a photo of himself at "the Bean” for Menino’s wall. There are some tickets to the Steppenwolf Theatre as well as some Goose Island Root Beer.   

Still, Chicago’s mayor, with an eye on the financial bottom line, has found a way to re-gift the Sriracha Hot Sauce received from Los Angeles.  

Should Chicago lose the best of seven, he will be re-packaging it to Boston.    

As Emanuel puts it  "we’re going to re-tread the Los Angeles mayor’s gift."    

That’s certainly a new twist on what he once said about not letting a serious crisis go to waste.   That goes for hot sauce too.

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