Emanuel Goes Home

Rahm Emanuel's Ravenswood home became something of a metaphor for his run for mayor in 2011.

The guy who lived there, Rob Halpin, was only keeping it warm until he inevitibly took it over.

Perhaps Emanuel's only speedbump during his unprecedented march toward City Hall was that house. His opponents argued -- at times successfully -- that because he didn't live there, he wasn't a resident of Chicago, and did not deserve to appear on the ballot.

He of course won in stunning fashion in February and took office in May. Now, in August, he's taken back his residence.

"I've got the good fortune of being home," Emanuel said at a morning press conference, while simultaneously needling a television reporter for asking. "After I worked out this morning, I had breakfast with my son. Most importantly, I went to Beans & Bagels, got my coffee, got on the Montrose Brown Line."

Emanuel could have moved back in in July, when Halpin vacated the Hermitage premises, but he ordered some upgrades, and a new paint job for the home, which is listed as the headquarters for the Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule Charitable Foundation.

We're happy to hear Emanuel has taken back his domicile, but surprised to hear that he rode the train to City Hall. Somehow we expected him to jog.

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