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Pup Tossed From Car Reunited With Owner

Owner suspects "Bentley" wiggled through slats of backyard fence



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    Guillermo Roman and his dog, Bentley, play at home after being reunited.

    The pup that captured headlines -- and hearts -- after being tossed from a moving vehicle has been reunited with his original owner.

    "I drove to the DuPage Animal Hospital to get him. I drove so long to get there. I was so happy," 18-year-old Guillermo Roman, of Chicago, told TribLocal Elmhurst.

    Staff at the Villa Park animal hospital had been calling the dog "Ralphie" since he was brought there Dec. 10.  The dog was found  wandering in the parking lot of a health club near Route 83 and North Avenue.  Witnesses said they saw someone toss him out of a moving car.

    Roman assumes Bentley, the dog’s given name, escaped by wiggling through the slats of his backyard fence.  After more than two weeks, the pair were reunited on Dec. 27.  

    Sergiu E. Muresan, of the 2400 block of Greenshaw Avenue, in Chicago, has been charged for tossing the floppy eared puppy out of his car window into traffic. He is facing up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

    Roman said he saw Bentley on the television news and was so excited.

    "I received an e-mail from him (Roman) saying he’d seen the dog on the news," DuPage Animal Hospital manager Brian Jeffery told TribLocal Elmhurst.  "And he sent us a photo of the dog and it looked just like him."

    Elmhurst police checked Roman’s claim before releasing Bentley in order to insure there was no connection between him and Muresan.

    Although now equipped with tracking device -- thanks to the DuPage Animal Hospital -- Roman assures that Bentley has grown so much over the days he has been missing and will no longer be able to escape through the slats of the backyard fence.

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