Durbin Introduces Bill to Combat Robocalls

The numbers are staggering.

There were nearly 50 billion unwanted calls to Americans in the past year, with some estimates saying people can get up to 10 robocalls per day.

Sen. Dick Durbin and Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul laid out plans Monday to fight back.

More than 163-million robocalls were made a day in April, according to YouMail -- a tech company that focuses on telecommunications and markets a robocall blocking app

It found, Chicago is in the top five for most robocalls in the country.

Durbin is introducing a bipartisan bill that would increase the penalty for anyone who violates the "do not call" rules, to $500 and all it would take is one unwanted call.

"If there’s ever anything that members of Congress in both political parties should agree to," Durbin said. "It’s that people are sick and tired of it and we need to do something about it."

Raoul said he’s been a victim, too, and joined Durbin in urging Congress to take action.

"It’s almost every week, every other week that I get a call purporting to be from the IRS, purporting to be from a utility company," he said. "There’s a great variety of these robocalls and they’re coming too often."

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