Was Duckworth Drawn Into the 8th?

When Governor Pat Quinn signed the Illinois redistricting plans into law last month he opened the door for Tammy Duckworth to contemplate a second run for U.S. House of Representatives.

The district, currently held by Republican Joe Walsh, has been redrawn to narrowly include the Democratic Duckworth’s home.

Duckworth’s announcement that she would run for Congress has elicited claims of gerrymandering from Republicans. 

Duckworth just narrowly lost the 2006 election to Congressman Peter Roskam in the 6th district but she is now being drawn into a district that removed the 8th district incumbent, Walsh, leaving the seat empty and creating a Democratic leaning constituency. Her home, on Bolleana Ct. in Hoffman Estates is right on the border of the 8th district.

The veteran's announcement of candidacy comes amidst the reports that Illinois Republicans and Latinos will file a lawsuit claiming the unconstitutional nature of the districts. Latinos were angered that Congressional and Illinois General Assembly districts did not accurately represent the population growth of Hispanic populations in Illinois.

Redistricting not only left an open district for Duckworth to campaign in, it also drew many of the old 6th district residents into the 8th district, bolstering her support even further. Duckworth is expected to file papers to run sometime this week.

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