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Drone Footage Captures ‘Breathtaking' View of Deserted Chicago

A videographer and musician look at Chicago through a drone flying above a once bustling city amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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During Illinois' stay-at-home order, Chicago streets have been emptier than ever. A new film using drone footage captures the eerie feeling of the seemingly deserted city.

David Leep, a Chicago videographer, used a drone to take footage from above the skyline and through the city’s busiest sights.

“For me, it was kind of peaceful and calm," Leep said. "You’ve never seen the city like that. So, it was really breathtaking, honestly."

The video features footage of the Magnificent Mile, Cloud Gate or “The Bean” and Chicago train stations, along with protective masks and gloves on the ground.

Fabio Brienza, a Chicago musician, created the film with Leep. He said it was created for artists in Chicago, with the hope their message of beauty will resonate with others.

“I think that despite the suffering, beautiful things are happening,” Brienza said. “I think that when this mess is over, we will never ever take anything for granted.”

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