Dollar General Cashier Surprises Shoppers With Amazing Singing Voice, is Invited Onstage With Maxwell

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On most days, shoppers at a Michigan Dollar General might find cashier Lucas Holiday at the checkout line, but there’s something about Holiday many might not know – until they hear it.

Holiday actually has an amazing singing voice – and one he’s not shy of showing his customers.

In a recent viral video posted to Facebook, Holiday was filmed by a customer singing Maxwell’s “Ascension” while bagging and ringing up Sheree Nakia Ronsinson.

“This is one of my favorite cashiers and he is the bomb,” Robinson wrote.

The video has been shared more than 13,300 times and viewers more than 620,000 times and has even garnered the attention of Maxwell himself.

“If anyone knows where this guy lives let me know I wanna bring him on stage!!!” Maxwell wrote on Facebook Sunday.

He later offered to fly Holiday to his show in Detroit Friday and added “this is why we are here to make the world a better place.”

Holiday is actually part of a band called TELL Yo MAMA in Lansing, Michigan.

He said that since the video of him singing went viral, customers now come in and make song requests from him.

Other videos shared of him singing include songs like Livin’ on Prayer by Bon Jovi.

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