Detroit Police Target Chicago Police in Running Man Challenge

Who has better moves- Chicago police or Detroit police?

That question could soon be answered if Chicago police accept a Running Man Challenge from the Detroit Police Department.

The Michigan city officers posted video to their Facebook page earlier this week showing them doing the viral dance that has taken over social media. They then targeted Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Chicago police departments, challenging them to do it better.

“Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Chicago Police Departments, you've been challenged,” they wrote in the caption for the video, which has since been viewed more than 6.6 million times.

While Cincinnati police have already accepted, saying they’re going to “bring it,” it appears Chicago officers may not be showing off their moves anytime soon. 

"After seeing the fancy footwork of our friends in Detroit, we were certainly impressed, but we have some work to do to dust off our dancing shoes," police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement. "For now, we'll leave the title to them. But let's not lose sight. We're in if they want a deep dish pizza throwdown.”

The viral dance was invented by two New Jersey high schoolers, who came up with the move while bored in a finance class.

It quickly spread on social media after Terrapins players challenged fellow athletes to do the dance.

Players at Virginia Tech, Villanova University and the University of Miami all accepted the challenge, posting videos of themselves in what quickly became the “Running Man Challenge.” Even Jimmy Fallon and Carmelo Anthony gave the craze a try.

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