Valentine Brothers Reunite in Chicago

Since he's once again living near his brother, Drew Valentine is preparing for the confusion. He's experienced it before, even when his younger brother was about to play a game at Michigan State University.

"I walked her over to the concourse and said, 'There's 20 minutes on the clock - he's warming up for the game, look down there,'" he recalled of a time when a woman mistook him for Denzel, the Chicago Bulls' first-round pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. "She gets mad at me and goes, 'Really? Okay - I see how it is,' and storms off."

But people may soon recognize Drew not just as Denzel's older brother, as the up-and-coming assistant coach continues to climb the ladder. Last month he joined Porter Moser's staff at Loyola University.

"He's a great coach," Denzel said of his older brother. "He's not afraid to hold me accountable, hold his players accountable, but at the same time, he's very positive. His work ethic is off the charts, and he understands how to work with people, so I think he's a very good coach."

As great as it is to be reunited with his brother, when it came to moving to Chicago, Drew said that was really just a bonus. More than anything, Drew views this move to Loyola as a great one for his coaching career.

"I just felt like this was a move and opportunity I could not pass up," Drew said. "I really think being here and getting to experience what they have going here, and just learning from Coach Moser and the other assistants on staff, it'll be very beneficial towards me moving foward."

A new job, and for now, an old roommate, as the Valentine boys are back together in Chicago and loving every minute of it.

"Who'd have ever known I'd get drafted here and he'd be coaching here in a great city like Chicago?" Denzel said. "So he's excited, my family excited - it's going to be a great year."

The upcoming year certainly sounds like it will strengthen their relationship, as they'll be able to spend far more time together.

"We only got to see each other 5 times during the basketball season this past year, and not for any extended amount of time," Drew said, adding, "so getting the opportunity to be with one another, at least hang out every night, hang out with each other, has been awesome."

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