Deloris Jordan Envisions Museum in MJ’s Highland Park Mansion

Deloris P. Jordan, mother of famed NBA star Michael Jordan, says she’s hoping to turn her valuable collection of items from her son’s past into a museum.

The announcement came as she was disputing claims that a recruiting letter sent to Michael Jordan by Dean Smith, the Hall of Fame and head coaching legend at the University of North Carolina, was real.

“All that stuff I kept,” she said. “I put it in a vault because I’m hoping someday we can do a museum and I really want to open it up.”

Deloris Jordan said she’s been working “behind the scenes” to try and work her museum vision into Jordan’s Highland Park mansion, but said if her plans don’t work there she would take them to North Carolina.

Deloris Jordan said the letter that is up for auction, along with several other items on display in Michael Jordan’s entities, are replicas, and said she preserved the real ones with hopes of displaying them in the museum.

“I want to put up in a museum and have young people understand what it means to have an education and not just center around athletics,” she said of the letter.

It’s not clear just what the plans might entail for a museum in the Highland Park mansion, but the former Bulls star re-listed the 56,000-square-foot home for $16 million last month.

The estate failed to sell at auction after the reserve wasn't met. Jordan spokeswoman Estee Portnoy told the Associated Press that market conditions aren't ideal for the sale and said options for the property will be evaluated next year.

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