Man “So, So Sorry” for Slapping Hester

Daniel Rago is sorry.

The Mount Prospect man on Wednesday apologized profusely for the slap to the back of the head he gave to Bears Wide Receive Devin Hester last week.

"So, so sorry," Rago said, staring into a Fox Chicago TV camera. "I made a mistake. I'm the bad guy here, and I apologize. And I'm going to ask you right now -- I will donate $500 to the charity of your choice and 20 hours of community service on your behalf. I messed up, and I apologize for that."

Rago said he was waiting in the cashier line at the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines last Friday when, as it appeared to him, Hester cut in front of an elderly couple. He said he responded in a "parental" way when he expressed his disappointment and gave Hester a "biff on the back of the head."

The self-proclaimed Bears fan -- he'd just attended Sunday's game against the Vikings, where Hester scored two touchdowns -- said he had no idea he'd slapped a member of the team.

Asked about the incident Wednesday, Hester said Rago's version was accurate but declined to comment further, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Rago was charged with misdemeanor battery and released on $100 bond. He's scheduled to make a court appearance on Dec. 1.

Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Devin Hester Assaulted at Rivers Casino :

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