‘Dangerous' Social Media Challenge Encourages Teens to Shoot Splatter Ball Pellets at Bystanders, Police Warn

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A new social media challenge is encouraging teens to drive around shooting splatter ball pellets at unknowing bystanders, Elmhurst police warned Tuesday.

The Elmhurst Police Department has received at least two reports last month of teens participating in "The Orbeez Challenge," which uses water filled gel pellets that "shoot similar to airsoft pellets and can cause welts to exposed skin."

On March 13 at approximately 6 p.m., officers stopped a car with five teenage boys that had shot splatter balls at both adult and child pedestrians at three locations, police said.

According to officials, the teens were arrested, their car was impounded and they were referred to DuPage Juvenile Court for Aggravated Battery charges.

In another incident, four teenagers shot a woman with a splatter ball gun at Elmhurst's Berens Park on March 27 at approximately 8 p.m., officials said. An investigation this week found and identified the group of teens, and juvenile charges w ere pending.

"These confiscated splatter ball guns are sold as toys, but can cause injury, and should only be used under parental supervision with appropriate safety protection. Parents are asked to talk to their children about this dangerous trend and warn them of the potential injuries to victims and legal consequences," Elmhurst police said in a warning Tuesday.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents is asked to contact the Elmhurst Police Department at (630) 530-3050.

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