Daley Warms to Second Wal Mart

Alderman Burke declined comment and barks

The push to bring a second Wal Mart within Chicago’s city limits began again in earnest Wednesday.


Because the mayor said it’s time for discussions to begin again.

Wal Mart could offer a jobs solution to a city suffering from economic decline and some of the worst jobless numbers in the country.

That’s the tact that Alderman Howard Brookins has taken for years. Back in June he all but begged the city council to take up a vote on allowing the big box retailer into city limits, this one at 83rd and Stewart in Chatham.

“I’m asking my other colleagues to get on board,” Brookins said at the time.

But back then the mayor was focused on getting the Olympic bid in order, so it wasn’t high on his priority list.

It didn’t stop Brookins from trying. In November the Alderman said he would hound Finance Committee Chairman Ed. Burke until he held a hearing that could pave the way for Wal Mart.

Burke responded by saying, “Woof, woof.”

Now that the Olympics debacle is over, and the mayor is looking for ways to create jobs, and save others --  perhaps his own – Burke is apparently changing his tune.
"It’s been a six year fight but I think the timing is right,” Brookins said. “Ald Burke promised today for an up or down vote soon."

Alderman Burke declined comment and barks.

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