DePaul Dedicates Building to Mayor, Maggie Daley

Nearly century-old building at State & Jackson is now "The Richard M. and Maggie C. Building"

Citing their "tremendous leadership" throughout the last 21 years, DePaul University on Tuesday honored Mayor Richard Daley and First Lady Maggie Daley by dedicating a South Loop academic building in their names.

DePaul's newest downtown educational facility, located at at 14 E. Jackson Blvd., is now known as The Richard M. and Maggie C. Building.

"Their passion, their commitment to education [and] to the arts have helped transform Chicago into a world-class city, and it's often held up internationally as a model for the post-industrial global economy," said Fr. Dennis Holtschneider,  the university's president.

Three generations of Daleys have attended DePaul, and the mayor said it was an honor to be recognized by the university he called  "a special place."

"This building, it represents the future... the future of young men and women going into public service that will go from here to other parts of government and other parts of public service throughout the world," he said.

The 18-story, 97-year-old office and retail building was purchased by the university in 2008 and went through extensive renovation.  It now houses a wide variety of programs, including DePaul’s College of Communication, School of Public Service and School for New Learning.

"My wish for the Richard M. and Maggie C. Daley building is that it will always open the doors of opportunity for students, cultivate positive self-esteem and transform how our young people think about themselves and their potential," said Maggie Daley.

Although several facilities, including the Daley Center and Daley College, have been named after the mayor’s father, the building dedicated Tuesday is the first in Chicago to be named for the mayor and his wife.

Daley on Saturday will surpass his father as Chicago's longest-serving mayor.

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