CTA Shames Inconsiderate Passengers in New Campaign

The campaign targets those who eat on trains, talk loudly on their cell phones, block doors, and put their bags on seat, among other things

Don’t you hate it when someone on the same train as you plays their music so loud you can hear it from 20 feet away? Or when someone leaves their food wrappers on the seat or floor?

Those are the questions the Chicago Transit Authority has asked riders in a new “courtesy campaign” shaming inconsiderate passengers.

The campaign consists of a series of messages that will be placed on buses and trains featuring some of the most commonly heard complaints from riders about the behaviors of fellow public transit passengers.

“The overwhelming majority of CTA customers are considerate of their fellow passengers,” Graham Garfield, General Manager of Customer Information, said in a statement. “However, based on feedback we’ve received from passengers, we believe this public-service campaign will help improve the transit experience by continuing the dialogue about courtesy among our customers. We hope it will encourage customers to think more about courteous behavior on CTA trains and buses.”

The behavior complaints range from littering and eating on trains to not using all available doors on an arriving train to not moving to the middle of a car to make room for boarding passengers. The messages also target those playing loud music, putting their bags on seats, talking loudly on their cell phones and not letting others off before boarding.

The messages even extend outside of the buses and trains to the escalators with a “stand right, walk left” message.

The CTA used feedback on social media, calls and emails to CTA Customer Service and observations by CTA personnel to make the messages.

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