Glen Ellyn

Crowd Voices Dismay at College of DuPage President's Exit Deal

President Robert Breuder will get $763,000 in an exit deal

The board of trustees at the College of DuPage voted to reaffirm the president's buyout at a meeting Wednesday night, causing a negative reaction from the crowd attending the meeting.

The baord voted 6-1 on the issue, allowing six-year President Robert Breuder to exit his job with a $763,000 severance package.

The large crowd at the meeting immediately underscored why a judge had to order the meeting moved to a larger space. Critics packed the meeting to voice their dismay at the board's decision for the Glen Ellyn community college president.

"I've never seen you before in my life, Mr. Breuder, but I can smell your arrogance from here," one attendee said.

A lawyer running for a board seat said, "You do not have to pay him another dime."

The board did not disclose the details of the severance package last week when it initially approved it, which watchdog groups labelled a violation of the Open Meetings Act. The board's attorney said the vote was proper and that the meeting Wednesday was held to try to avoid a lawsuit.

Breuder did not make any comments at the meeting as one attendee after another voiced their disapproval of the decision.

"Well, they like to do things in secret, and Robert Breuder's contract negotiations for the last nine months were conducted in secret," Adam Andrzejewski, who attended the meeting, said.

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