Sweet Deals For Crosstown Fans

Free cupcakes and dollar hot dogs celebrate the Cubs and the Sox battling it out

The Crosstown Classic is about to get a whole lot sweeter.

For the next three days, Sprinkles Cupcakes, 50 E. Walton St., is giving away free cupcakes to Cubs and Sox fans who show their team spirit.

Wear your team's jersey, and the Gold Coast cupcake shop will hand you either a dark chocolate cupcake with the Cubs logo or a vanilla cupcake with the Sox logo. For those who aren't fans of either flavors, ask for a red velvet cupcake with a Sox or Cubs logo.

So which team does Sprinkles owners prefer?

"The store supports both teams," said Assistant Manager Ashley Triestram, who is wearing a Sox jersey.

Employees are allowed to wear either team's colors for the next few days, so there is a good mix of support for both teams, Triestram says.

The store also will give away free cupcakes to fans of the winning team on Monday June 27.

Free cupcakes aren't the only thing on offer to celebrate Chicago's baseball rivalry. Johnny Rocket offers $1 Chicago-style hot dogs all day Monday at four of Chicago locations.

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