Crash in high school testing platform leaves thousands CPS of students awaiting exam in limbo

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A system crash on a testing platform that Chicago Public Schools uses has upended the plans of thousands of eighth graders in the city who opted to take a standardized test to help determine admission to some of Chicago's top high schools.

The test, which many students spend months preparing for, determines for many students whether they will attend their neighborhood school or one of the district's highly-ranked high schools.

Due to technical difficulties with Riverside Assessments, the district's testing platform, the test was postponed last week, leaving many students who were ready for the test blindsided.

Students currently attending CPS were supposed to take the test on Oct. 11, with students that are not currently in the district slated to take the test this past weekend.

CPS offered the following statement to NBC Chicago:

“We recognize the stress many students and families experience when it comes to admissions testing. CPS leadership is working with our vendor to ensure their technical issues are resolved.”

District officials are unsure when students will be able to take the test.

This story has been updated to clarify that the testing platform is not owned by Chicago Public Schools.

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